ladyarkham (ladyarkham) wrote,

In one week, we'll be moving/moved to Grove City.

I am, right now, most looking forward to the extra space we'll have in our larger apartment. We really, really need more, especially more bookshelves. Our closet is overflowing with books, stuffed above and behind and under the hanging clothes. After that, the shopping for a writing/organization desk, and an entertainment center or something that fulfills that role to hold our game systems and DVDs.

Then, the pantry. We have a kind of small kitchen here, with no pantry. My mom and sister, who love that kind of thing, came in when we moved in and labeled all the cabinets and shelves. "See, now there's room for all of your dishes and cookware to go up!" And we said, "That's great, but... where will we put the food?" That gave them pause. Having a pantry just means we'll have so much more room for everything else.

Then, living next door to an Aldi's and the local gaming store, and a grocery store, and a Wal-Mart, and and and... Being able to walk places will be nice, though I will miss the weather that we can walk around in.

I don't have any idea how to drive a stick shift in the snow, but I guess we'll learn.
Tags: grove city, moving

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