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Apartments, personalities, and insects

Without a constant Internet - and why does "internet" autocorrect to have a capital I? - connection, twitter is a lot less attractive to me as a way to communicate online, so I may be on LJ quite a bit more for a week.

We are getting Armstrong cable internet next Thursday, which has a bandwidth cap, something I've never dealt with before. We will see what happens!

Our new apartment is really nice. Our old apartment has made us appreciate the amenities here even more: "We have a dishwasher! We have an *outgoing mailbox!* We have overhead lighting! We didn't hear rap music anytime between ten PM and five AM last night! Our neighbors actually say hello in the hall!" It's pretty cool. We also have a ton more room for stuff here than we did at the old place, simple stuff like bathroom cabinets that hold everything, and a walk-in closet in the main bedroom. I am so happy. It still feels a little unreal, like we'll have to give it back in a few days.

We got ice cream from McDonald's again in exchange for using their wireless, but I also just saw an enormous cockroach scuttle across the floor, so... Then again, our kitchen had roaches forever so...

We also found, either dead in our apartment or dead having fallen out of one of our boxes, something that we've dubbed a Death Pincher. It may possible have been an earwig with a massively oversized set of pincers, but it looked pretty alien and deadly. I hope we see no more. If we do, you guys are getting a picture.

Myers-Briggs continues to help us talk about our personality differences. I am comfortable with a plan, while my husband is comfortable being spontaneous, and I am cool with being spontaneous as long as we work out in advance how long we are planning on being spontaneous and what we spontaneously want to get accomplished, etc.

Next week is a beach trip with the Dellingers, which will be fun. I love getting to spend time with my nephew, who just hit 18 months and is on the verge of talking. He is also good at teaching me that though I still love and want kids, I am not quite ready for one yet. I just want to spend time with other people's.

Our project tonight is to hang curtains in our bedroom. Tomorrow we are going to Pittsburgh IKEA, unless other things take precedence unexpectedly.

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