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Haunting Grove City

We met with the pastor of COPC last night, which was really fun. He helped us move furniture, took a real interest in how we'd gotten to where we were, and made it clear that the church would be very accepting of our different opinions as long as we were willing to teach according to the Reformed faith. ("Our congregation is mostly a-mil, but we do have some post-mils! Well, possibly one, that I know of." [We are kind of pre-mil leaning, so that was interesting.]) He also let us know that not believing in infant baptism was just fine, as long as we'd be willing to talk about it at some point, and gave a few examples of people who'd joined the church without believing in it and subsequently had converted to the church's way of thinking and were now happy.

So... That'll be an interesting journey. It makes it clear to me that good parenting will involve teaching our kids exactly why we believe what we believe, and how to distinguish good teaching from bad. (And that it's OK to go to an assembly of believers who teach things we don't agree with, as long as they're teaching the important stuff right!)

We're getting our internet nowadays from the Grove City Library, which is a good change except that I can't play my iPad apps. ^_^ Armstrong comes out Thursday to install stuff, which will be nice.

We're going to the beach for a week starting on Friday, but after that, I'm looking forward to really getting settled in and inviting people over/visiting people after that! We also have not yet been to Bell's, and I want to do that soon. Possibly today!

Having a dishwasher makes cooking and cleaning up afterward a lot easier, and so our kitchen has stayed just about clean despite my being so tired and unmotivated. Husband has also built us some IKEA furniture that looks really good and serves its purposes really well.

I love that our division of labor works out best for both of us. I go grocery shopping, cook, clean the kitchen, and he builds furniture and sorts out the computer and laundry, and we are both happy. Marriage FTW.

Tomorrow is B's first real meeting with the college, so that'll be interesting. Stuff has apparently been shaken up a little since he was hired, but we don't have a lot of detail about what happened or how it will affect B's workload.

The pastor warned us specifically last night that he sees a lot of professors throw themselves too much into their work, neglecting their families and themselves, and B should set clear boundaries. I was a little surprised by his vehemence, not having realized this was a common problem in academia. I trust my husband to have his priorities straight, but it'll be interesting to see what the demands on his time actually are.

We're trying to make our second bedroom into an office of sorts, a place suitable for working on school stuff and painting miniatures, etc. It's also our library of both books and games, and, at the moment, a repository of all the boxes we so cleverly labeled "Miscellaneous" before moving. (Note: not actually clever, do not do this.) Our couch in the living room folds out into a queen-sized bed, so I'm assuming that's where guests will stay when they come. The 2nd bedroom can also probably still fit an air mattress, so there's that. I'm planning on doing a geeky gamer theme in there, decorating with all our geeky stuff and maybe making more.

I finally was able to schedule my NAPLEX and MPJE, which are the medicine and law exams required to become a pharmacist. Pharmacists are the only medical professionals who have to take a law exam to be licensed, because medications are so tightly regulated. So, a month from tomorrow, I'll be trundling down to Pittsburgh for four hours of exams, and then again the week after for my law exam. It's hard for me to wrap my mind around studying so much material over so great a length of time... I'm ready for it though.

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