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Game night and working

Game night at Bell's last night gave us our first ever 6 player game of Eclipse, a game easiest defined as all the things tahmthelame would hate most - IN SPACE! Empire building, tech researching and flying big fleets of ships at other people's big fleets of ships and rolling dice until most of them are asploded. I'd be interested in seeing if we could make that a regular thing, though we're also open to trying the variety of games that the crowd there seems to be interested in. The people there were a nice range of ages and backgrounds, with several women (though none joined our Eclipse table.) I hope we continue to make connections and grow relationships there.

Tomorrow is Internet at home day! We are currently at the college now that Brian has access to the buildings and the network there.

Tomorrow is also "get rid of cardboard boxes day!" as someone from Craigslist is stopping by to take them off our hands.

When we packed to move, we threw our laundry detergent into a garbage bag, to keep it from leaking on anything, but foolishly put other things in the by with it. Least disastrously, our shower curtains, but most disastrously, our TV and DVD player remotes. :(. Predictably, the laundry detergent bottle split open so now we are without any way of controlling the television or DVD player. When did they stop putting buttons that function on the machines themselves? Was this true of VCRs and their remotes too?

Brian has agreed with me that the apartment needs more decoration, which is a nice thing to agree on, though I think we still lean different ways on what kind of decoration we should have. He understandably leans away from the overtly feminine, which requires a mental gear shift from me. I grew up in family where Dad didn't care what the house was decorated with, while my Mom and my sister both got heavily into decorating and design. (My sister even went into it as a career and designs commercial medical offices.) Color and theme are very important to me, possibly and irrationally more than utility of the space.

I think my thyroid medicine dose is too high right now, but I've been delaying setting up a bloodwork appointment... I have been tired and cold for the last few weeks, and gained about 20 lbs since starting the medicine in... March? I am possibly blasting too much of my thyroid hormone away. I am waiting to set up and endocrinologist appointment until I am on B's insurance.

I've been rewatching the early seasons of How I Met Your Mother at we have on DVD, and have returned to my original assessment that the show lost a lot of its heart after season 2. My personal discontinuity begins right before Britney Spears begins her cameo, though it includes the later Intervention episodes. Season 7 was definitely the low point of the series, with none of the characters ending up in a different place from the start of the season. I am looking forward to season 8 appearing on Netflix.

Meanwhile, B and I have been watching The X-Files from the beginning, something neither of us has ever done, and reading the awesome webcomic Monster of the Week alongside it. It is pretty beautiful how much the Mulder-Scully relationship clicks from the first episode. Krycek has just made his first appearance, which I have somehow remained completely unspoiled for so I was all "Noooooooo. No way!" (I was partly confusing him with Doggett? I suppose?)

Shopping in Grove City is hard. Aldi's has good prices and food but poor selection. County Market is expensive with occasional good sales and great selection. Save-A-Lot seems cheap but their frozen vegetables weren't, so I'm assuming their quality is on the low end, and they have limited selection as well, though better than Aldi's. Wal-mart has very limit groceries. We have avoided the outlet mall so far, though I guess I should start paying attention to what happens there.

It hasn't really hit yet that this is home, now. It still feels like summer camp.

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