ladyarkham (ladyarkham) wrote,

Grove City drifting

Some good friends passed through the city last Friday with their adorable son, who despite not feeling well was winningly charming. I may steal him away someday soon.

I had a scare today when I forgot where my wedding dress was and thought it was lost in the move. I didn't know if I was emotionally attached to it previously, but today taught me that I am.

I am kind of drifting. I need to focus on my studies and I am not.I can only resolve that tomorrow will be better. I am hoping that when my thyroid mess get adjusted again, I'll have more energy and be less cold all the time. I do manage to get some errands done each day, but I need to start making to-do lists and following them.

Sunday, an elderly lady at church invited us over for lunch along with seven of our peers. This is apparently something she just does, have a house ready to welcome groups of visitors. That is something I aspire to. It's a little of what I envisioned for how we'd be there for the OSG this year. We'll see how that shakes out!

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