ladyarkham (ladyarkham) wrote,

Trim Healthy Mayhem

So I've decided to start trying Trim Healthy Mama, mostly because there's more of a community for it amongst my friends (read: I don't want to get judged for doing low carb.)

The E meals are the mystery to me. It's like, make something that would be delicious if you were doing a low-carb meal, remove all the fat, and stick a sub-par carb on the side or underneath. Tadah!

For example, I'm making creamy chicken gravy with quinoa today for lunch, a Brianna Thomas recipe. The chicken part is easy: chicken, spices, 0% fat yogurt, almond milk, and some parmesan cheese. (I'm kind of surprised the cheese is kosher, here?)

But quinoa.

Screw quinoa.

"Rinse the quinoa before cooking" advises both the recipe and the quinoa package.

How do you rinse a grain that is, like, sand? You can't put it in a strainer!

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